Thursday, March 16, 2017

Asian cam girls: a fast growing niche

Why are people going for Asian cam girls?

In the past years (or even decade) the Asian cam girl niche is growing exponentially as more and more people are showing interest in oriental women considering them fit for their sexual fantasies and not only that. If you are to think about it, then most likely you have at least ONE sexual fantasy where you consider having sex with an Asian girl. Why? Simply because. Why wouldn’t you? The Asian women are specific and different than the other races, which of course they all come with their advantages and disadvantages.  But Asians simply stand out because of their minion construction, smooth creamy skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Most of them look like tiny dolls that you could pay with for hours on end. If you didn’t develop a doll fetish, after having a look at these Asian women, you may!

Not only with their appearance are the Asian cam girls different. Also with their behavior. A different culture and mentality is clearly seen in the way they approach the world especially sex. You will notice that most of them play fairly shy when it comes to having sexual intercourse. And that is exactly what makes them more attractive: the idea that you can teach them, you can defile their innocence and make them do all the dirty things that cross your mind. It’s an exciting thought to know that you can completely dominate this sweet and girlish looking Asian girl. Imagine having her sitting on her knees and forcing her to swallow all your cock until you can see her gag. And the most interesting thing is, that they will DO IT!

Asian cam girls desire to please you even if that may mean a bit of suffering. In their view, suffering is much necessary when it comes to sex. That is why Asian cam girls are a perfect match whenever you’re considering trying role playing or performing various fetishes. They love the pain, and you love causing them this sexual pain which will end in pleasure, obviously. A bit of bruising can be required to get the result desired.

Where can you find the best Asian cam girls?

If you’re feeling in the mood to flirt and have some wild sex experience with an Asian cam girl, then you must also have under your sleeve a few good sources for Asian live cams. There are various live webcam sites that are devoted entirely to Asians, but some of them are good and some of them not so. Obviously it comes down to doing thorough searching and identifying those live cam sites that offer good quality and at a fairly low price. For instance, there is this site devoted to Japanese live cam girls, but their price is ridiculous, something like 6$/minute. Sure, the girls are beautiful and indeed they can get very dirty when it comes to sex, but there are better options that come at affordable prices.

For instance on LiveSexAsian (which belongs to LiveJasmin) you will get a wide range of live Asian cams all in HD. Asian women from all corners of Asia: China, Korea, Japan and so on. Even Asians with big boobs and big asses are on the list, even if most of them remain the same frame: very fragile sweet bodies but with beautiful faces and very firm shapes. Of course, what I love most about Asian cam girls is the way their pussies get wet. MY god! SO creamy, so juicy so wet. I could imagine doing all sorts of things to that pussy! And seeing them orgasm is a completely new experience. European cam girls tend to scream more and moan louder. However, Asian cam girls are softer and more reserved with their sexual expression, but their orgasms are the best. Most of them can even squirt. I think it has to do with the creamy texture of their pussies, but then again I am no specialist. Maybe a pussy specialist :))

Recommendations for the best Asian cam girls live cam sites

Personally, I use, as I think it offers high quality content and affordable prices. Lots of variety, no issues with using the site, and friendly hot Asian girls. So, maybe you can try it as well if you’re interested in watching a sexy Asian cam girl.

Also, another good source of xxx websites in all sorts of niches it’s I often go there to scrape for new adult content. They have a decent adult websites list and even some very well done reviews that I sometimes guide myself after.

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